BSNL Management Trainee Exam 2015 [Management Aptitude+Cognitive Aptitude] Combo Test Series Package

  •  June 1, 2015, midnight to Jan. 31, 2016, midnight
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Test Package Contents

A. Total Number of Tests - 30

1. 26 Topic Wise Tests of 50 questions [150 marks] each of 1 hr duration with Negative Marking

  • 11 Management Aptitude Topic Tests
  • 15 Cognitive Aptitude Topic Tests

2. 4 Section Wise Full Syllabus Tests of 100 questions [300] marks each of 2 hr duration with Negative Marking

  • 2 Management Aptitude Section Full Syllabus Tests
  • 2 Cognitive Aptitude Section Full Syllabus Tests

Note: Kindly check below for the list of tests available and test series schedule.The tests will be automatically added to student dashboard on the mentioned dates as given below.

B. E Notes for all topics of Management Aptitude + Cognitude Aptitude will be provided.

Enotes will have status written below it .There are two status of E-notes : 1. Beta & 2.Final

1. Enotes Status:Beta means currently the E-Notes are under development phase.More topics will be added to E-Notes and existing topics will be updated to make it easy for students to understand the concepts.

2.Enotes Status:Final .After full updation and addition of topics , the E-Notes Status will be updated to Final.

Students are requested to check the E-Notes every time for updated and new topics untill the E-Notes Status becomes Final.

Note: ENotes will be automatically activated and visible in students account on the test date .For Eg: If [Management Aptitude] Test No 3 :Managerial Economics test is scheduled on 6th June 2015 than ENotes will be visible in students account on 6th June 2015.Some topics in ENotes may display as Not Released ,which will be added and updated later.Also it is requested to login in google account through your mail registered with Examkart while viewing ENotes otherwise videos in E-notes cannot be viewed.More information about this can be read in Guidebook uploaded in document section

C. Last Day Revision Guide [LDR] for the whole syllabus for Management Aptitude +Cognitive Aptitude will be provided on 20 th July 2015.This time we are thinking to provide students hard copy of LDR in book format instead of download option.The LDR book will be sent through courier to students given address.The decision whether to provide LDR in book format or through download option is still under review .We will notify the students about it afterwards through mail .

D. Reference Documents: Though our ENotes will cover all important topics of syllabus,on demand of some students for reading reference books or documents which cover the whole syllabus topics,we will be providing reference documents which will be covering most of the syllabus topics.The reference documents can be downloaded from document section and can be read offline.The reference documents are provided free of cost with the package as they do not belong to us and are taken from internet.We have already added some reference documents in document section,more reference documents will be added later

Test Package Features:

  • Lifetime Validity :Some students mailed us and said that the exam may get postponed .So we have introduced lifetime validity for BSNL MT Exam 2015 Test Series.The tests will be available in students account till exam is conducted.So If exam is postponed and conducted after 5 years than all the tests in the students account will be available for 5 years till exam is conducted after which all tests in the students account will be deleted. The Lifetime validity is only valid for BSNL MT Exam 2015 Test Series and is not valid for any of our other test series.
  • Retest Option of all tests (including mock test) will be applicable from 1st Aug 2015.Retest Attempt is one i.e All the tests can be given once again for practice
  • All India Rank [AIR] & Percentile can now be seen in Review Results tab by clicking view rank button.The ranks will be dynamically updated as soon as students give tests.

Special Offers& Discounts

Kindly go through the BSNL MT Test Series Packages & Offers Guide Book uploaded in Document Section to know more about test series special offers and packages .The Guidebook is also uploaded in BSNL MT Free Practice Tests Document Section.

Early Bird Offer: The students who will joint the test series before 25 th June 2015 will get package at discounted price as mentioned in package after which package will be at normal price.Package Validity in both cases is till 10th Aug 2015 and may be extended to lifetime if exam postpones

Loyalty Discount Offer:Discount of Rs 500 will be given to our old students who had bought any of our previous packages .Discount of Rs 500 to old students is only applicable for BSNL MT Exam 2015 Super Saver Package.i.e package cost will be Rs 2000 if joined before 25 th June 2015

All the documents of BSNL Management Trainee Exam 2015 [Management Aptitude+Cognitive Aptitude] Combo Test Series Package

Strategy Guide for cracking BSNL Management Trainee 2015 Exam

Additional Information

Students can try the BSNL MT Exam 2015 Free Practice Tests to get glimpse what actual test series provides

Package upgradation: For students who want to upgrade their existing package to super saver package can now do so by mailing us on .A link will be sent to the student through which balance payment can be done and their package will be upgraded to super saver package.For Eg: if student has bought Single Management Package or Combo [Management+Technical ] package and want to upgrade to Super Saver Package can do so by paying the balance amount for Super Saver Package through the link sent by us.

Regarding Copy Protection and Account Blocking Feature

Some students have started copying our test series material and tests by some illegal ways like saving pages or using some software which activates right click.We have now implemented the copy protection feature from where we can track all the activities a students does in his/her Examkart Account.For eg: Whenever a student who has logged in Examkart Account tries to save page or activates right click for using illegal software a log is created in our log book.All the students who will try to copy or save pages of our material and tests ,their account will be blocked by the software .As the process is automated by software ,students account once blocked cant be reversed.Also money will not be refunded to such students.So students are requested not to copy study material and tests by illegal ways as their account will get blocked by software after which they will not be able to give test or view enotes.

Also all the important formula, tricks ,imp notes present in Enotes will be provided to students in form of LDR (Last Day Revision Guide) so there is no need of copying or saving pages.This time we will mostly providing hard copies of LDR to students who have purchased our package [Final Decision to provide LDR in hard copy book format or Soft Downloadable Copy is still pending and will be taken by our Training Team.]